10 Tips to Help You Learn English from Home

One thing that makes it easy to learn English is the availability of resources – there are a huge variety of resources available to augment your efforts. The more number of resources you mix up in the process, the more effective will be the result. We present in this article some useful tips and resources to make the learning process easy and fun.

1. English Learning CDs

There are any number of English learning courses available in CD or DVD format. These are available in different languages of instruction depending upon what one’s first language is. These can initiate a person to spoken English or guide a person to enhance basic skills.

2. English Learning Websites

One can take spoken English classes or courses online as well. Several websites offer English learning software downloads for free as well. So learning English online may be one of the simplest ways of learning English from home.

3. Read Children’s Books

Typically, children’s books use simple words and short sentences that are easy to read. They also assist the reader to understand the meaning with interesting illustrations. So, children’s books may be a really good idea for someone who is starting out.

4. Read Everything

This is a good rule to follow, regardless of whether one is learning English anew or is an expert. Read novels, nonfiction, newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites… everything. No reading is completely worthless. If it doesn’t improve English language skills, it will at least add to the sum of one’s knowledge.

5. Watching English Movies and TV Shows

Watching movies and TV programs is another effortless way to improve spoken English; particularly to learn colloquial or informal style of speech.

6. Make the Effort to Communicate

Don’t shy away from practicing English. Use new words learned, practice speaking English at every opportunity. Use English at the store, on the phone, and at work. Don’t worry that people will laugh at you; remember practice makes one perfect!

7. Ask Friends to Speak Only in English

Friends can really help one learn English. Whether friends are native English speakers or learners, they can help. Speak the language regularly with people around to become habituated.

8. Keep Referring to the Dictionary

Always keep a dictionary handy so that if you don’t understand a word, you can immediately refer to it. This can be an online dictionary or a printed version.

9. Use Language Apps

Dictionary and thesaurus apps, word puzzles, vocabulary builders, and other apps are available for whichever operating system you use. It would be a pity not to make use of them.

10. Be Patient, Keep Motivated

Learning a language is not an overnight process. One needs to keep practicing without losing motivation. Setting achievable goals can help you keep motivated.

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