Do you see a woman Hitler in your mother-in-law? If you do, then you must be good at anagrams. OK, let me not confuse you. All I mean to say is that if you rearrange the letters in ‘mother-in-law’, you get the phrase ‘woman Hitler’. Words or phrases like this are called anagrams. Find it interesting? Let’s embark upon the journey to discover the hidden meaning of some more words and phrases.

A decimal point -> I’m a dot in place

A domesticated animal -> docile, as a man tamed it

A gentleman -> elegant man

A telephone girl -> repeating “hello”

A telescope  -> to see place

Admirer -> married

Albert Einstein -> ten elite brains

Animosity -> is no amity

Astronomer -> moon starer

Barbie doll -> I’ll bare bod

Board meeting -> I get bored, man

Butterfly -> flutter-by

Christmas tree -> search, set, trim

Clothespins -> so, let’s pinch

Contradiction -> accord not in it

Conversation -> voices rant on

Debit card -> bad credit

Dementia -> detain me

Desperation -> a rope ends it

Dictionary -> indicatory

Dormitory -> dirty room

Election results -> lies, let’s recount

Eleven plus two -> twelve plus one

Elvis -> lives

Eskimos -> some ski

Evangelist -> evil’s agent

Flatulence -> clean flute

Funeral -> real fun

George Bush -> he bugs Gore

Harry potter -> try hero part

Heavy rain -> hire a navy

Internet chat rooms -> the moron interacts

Listen -> silent

Madam Curie -> radium came

Mother-in-law -> woman hitler

Playmate of the year -> ahoy, a pretty female!

Presbyterian -> best in prayer

Public relations -> crap, built on lies

Saddam Hussein -> UNs said, he’s mad

Schoolmaster -> the classroom

Semolina -> is no meal

Slot machines -> cash lost in ’em

Sports bra -> traps orbs

Statue of liberty -> built to stay free

The cockroach -> cook, catch her

The country side -> no city dust here

The detectives -> detect thieves

The earthquakes -> that queer shake

The eyes -> they see

The hurricanes -> these churn air

The morse code -> here come dots

The public art galleries -> large picture halls, I bet

Waitress -> a stew, sir?

Western union -> no wire unsent